Black out

Well, after almost 1 month (really good) spending time around Europe, Traveling and living just because my good friends likes me and can handle me, thinking about back to Bangkok ‘cause my pocket was empty and I can’t saw any light, no happy end, just swim across the Atlantic ocean and reach the new continent.

But I am, like the gringos said, a lucky fucking bastard (I don’t understand why they use so much “bastard”, in Brasil this is not so good…), and my fairy show me the good way.

I got a ticket and flew back to my country… funny was in the airport, I met with a girl in there told her I’m going to Brasil, she wide opened her eyes, “wow, Brasil? Crazy…” well, not to me, I came from there…

Was weird landing in my city, and I’m not talking about the 9 hours waiting there in the airport, thinking what I gonna do, cause have no money(nothing)  and forgot almost all friends and family phone number… thanks to my netbook, full of movies to entertain me untill I get a beautiful rescue.

Despite this, the smell, the colours, the heat, even the language, everything was a bit different, as I was a farang. I confess, sometimes, to test the staff, I spoke english, answering in french sometimes, thinking before say anything in portuguese…

Two things I did in the first: saw my daugther, saw the forest, saw the sea, swim.

I spend so much time in europe and their forests, than the forest here looked different to me, beautiful, green, full. In france I went to forests, very beauty by the way, but here is more… wild.


Sao Paulo still a crazy city, traffic jam, people stressed… my city. I was missing here but after 2 hours my miss was over, no more, this city don’t attract me anymore… not by now.

Visiting somefriend, saw my family… ah this is funny: when I came to my home, better, my father home, cause my house I still don’t saw yet, probaly the things changed so much overthere tham I am afraid to get in there… despite the fact I’m no keys…

Late night, raining, the main gate locked… I needed to climb the wall to enter, Brasil isn’t a completly  violent place so usualy the doors never are locked, I hope…

Still the same, no locks. I entered and stayed in the living room, waiting the sun rise and my father wake up. I don’t told him I’m coming back that day…

But its ok, I don’t kill him by heart attack…  I don’t told to my child also and go there by susprise. Its funny suddenly appear without tell anyone, on the first moment they don’t understand what happening, “ you are not in thailand??”…

Well, arrived, gifts, drinks… and my family ask to me cook thai food to them.

I made Tom yun, fried vegetables and khao niau. They liked and get surprised with the way as I eat chilli, fresh and in great quantities.

Here the people call me black (preto in my language). I’m just “black” in my country, outside here I am brown, indian, arab… and the black was not out anymore. The black is in.

Just in the end of all the lights off. We have here a huge blackout in the city.

Better, in almost all country. 18 provinces, 60 millions people, all my city without energy… if they spoke english here my joke will be “the black is in, in the black out…”

And the people here got crazy without energy, the radio station spreading panic (lock the doors!) the cars don’t stoping to the pedrestians, really the opposite, increasing the velocity, fear to get robbered…

I went to a friend home, singing, drinking… was good that black out when the black was in…

Sao paulo, the largest city in south america… c0mpletly dark, if was not cloud maybe the stars showed their light.

Strange was the city don’t changed, I changed, my eyes… last night I forgot the bus here don’t run after midnight, I was in the center (I coud say downtown, but its high…) so I decided go back home walking. 13 km. no problem at night, no sun, no noise… 2 hours walking, taking some pics…was good.


In this city is needed have a car, everything is far from everything. And expensive, I spend about 1000 bath with a dinner to 6 people, when in bkk I usualy spend 300 to 16 people… maybe i can not feel in home here anymore, not now.

But its ok, just one month…

(need to work, finish some stuffs here, get some more money before go back…)

Here I live in westside, good neighborhood, big houses, trees in the streets… hills…


All the city is full of hills, its not like Europe or Bangkok, flat. Have a bike here is good and your legs became strong…

Its possible go to parties everynight, I don’t did this yet, but on next week probaly I’ll… the beer is almost, but my reference now is Europe, not Thailand anymore… so I don’t know if is good or bad… I pass through Belgiun before here and after Belgiun, no other beer is good enough.

But the food is amazing! This thing I was really missing… this Sunday we gonna make a huge barbecue, tons of meat, swimming pool, snooker, joints… not spliff, but joint! Pure!

Small pleasures…

My daugther, the most beloved child in all America… I was afraid she changed so much, grow a lot, forgot me a bit… nothing above. She still the same, thin, little, happy, my babe…

She is here now, sleeping while I write this… if I could I will take her to bkk when I back , but her mother is not so openmind or crazy like me. Fear of everything is what make the people get stucked all their life. But not me. I gonna back to Asia and then no one knows…

Friends of Europe and Bangkok, make your list and send to me. Things from here, from France, ask me and I’ll try to take and bring to you…

Later I tell more about this city and my friends here… I’ll try also broadcasting the barbecue on Sunday here (Sunday night in europe and late late night in bkk, 9 hours from asia, 4 from europe…) on . Start at 12hs in Brasil, 16hs in France, 21hs in Bangkok.

But now its sunny here, blue sky, the heat increasing… and I’ll jump in the swimming pool.

see you when i see you.


One Response to “Black out”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Haha, I am gonna watch that show. As you know I am living in a vegetarian community. No meat on the horizon. I did not know you have kao niau in brasil.
    Why is there in the picture still light on the street when the rest of the city is dark.
    Stay preto!

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